Big Boss Man

Gary: “Another 12 bar blues song written by Luther Dixon and Al Smith in 1960 and recorded by Russ’s favourite guy Jimmy Reed in 1961.

Again I am back to the simple back beat type of music, simple and straight forward. Now Russ likes some of it, but being an excellent musician he can be critical, so he needs me to keep him focused on what the other part of the public likes. But this type of music, he and I agree totally, Blues.

I will give you the Jimmy Reed version, but include some other versions that I enjoy.

Of significance Luther also penned 16 Candles which the Crests recorded. We lost Luther in 2009.

Luther Dixon

Big Boss Man

“Big Boss Man” is an uptempo twelve-bar blues shuffle that features “one of the most influential Reed grooves of all time.” It was written by Jimmy Reed’s manager, Al Smith, and Vee-Jay Records staff writer, Luther Dixon.

The song is one of the few Reed hits that was written by someone other than Reed and his wife. Backing Reed (vocal, harmonica, and guitar) are Mamma Reed (vocal), Lee Baker and Lefty Bates (guitars), Willie Dixon (bass), and Earl Phillips (drums).

“Big Boss Man” was originally released on Jimmy Reed’s 1960 album Found Love. In 1961, it was released as a single and reached No. 13 in the Billboard R&B chart and No. 78 in the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart


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