One Hit Wonders / 1969

One Hit Wonders

  • In January Elvis returns to Memphis to record.  He records “In the Ghetto” “Suspicious Minds”  “Rubbernecking” “Daddy don’t Cry” to name a few. 
  • Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman and John Lennon marries Yoko Ono. 
  • The frightened little network CBS pulls the plug on the Smothers Brothers, because of their Viet Nam War Stance. 
  • Brian Jones leaves the Stones and is dead 4 months later, by drowning. 
  • Sun Records is sold by Sam Phillips to Shelby Singleton. 
  • The Who creates the first Rock Opera “Tommy”. 
  • Woodstock attracts 500,000 people.  Altamont, while acting as security guards for the Rolling Stones, Hell’s Angels stab and kill a spectator and even the Stones were frightened of them. 
  • The Beatles give their final performance on the roof of Apple Records for the film “Let it Be”, the song was “Get Back”.
Cinnamon / January 69 / Derek / #11 BB

He was Johnny Cymbal (Mr. Bass Man) and left us from a heart attack in his sleep in 1993 at 48.
The Worst that Could Happen / February 69 / Brooklyn Bridge / #3 BB

  This was of course the late Johnny Maestro who was also the lead singer of the Crests.
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin / May 69 / Crazy Elephant / #12 BB

Crazy Elephant was a studio concoction, created by Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz of Super K Productions
Black Pearl / July 69 / The Checkmates, LTD / #13 BB

A Phil Spector Production featuring Sonny Charles.
My Pledge of Love / July 69 / Joe Jeffry Group / #14 BB

A group from Cleveland Ohio
Good Old Rock and Roll / August 1969 / Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys / #21 BB

A group started in New York by Roy Michaels and Bob Smith both are deceased.
Polk Salad Annie / August 69 / Tony Joe White / #8 BB

From Louisiana, he wrote this song and Rainy Night in Georgia.
Get Together / September 69 / The Youngblood’s / #5 BB

I have seen this group, in person, small club and spent time with Jesse Colin Young.  One-Hit, I do not agree
Baby it’s You / November 69 / Smith / #5 BB

Smith  This was an L.A. based blues band.
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him Goodbye / December 69 / Steam / #1 BB

Steam  They were a studio band out of New York City.
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