Gary’s report on Kenny Vance

Please see replacement Post: Jay Traynor vs Jay Black and Kenny Vance

I am a real rocker, but I did like the ballad’s.  There was a song that came out in 1958 which when my idol, Dick Clark heard it, said that it would not make it because it was a haunting melody and too slow.  Well Dick was wrong.  Now there was a guy named Kenny Vance, who was in the original “Jay and the Americans”.  Now I got turned on to him in the Nineties, when he went back and brought out his old group “The Planotones”.  He wrote the original score and was the voice for Armand Assante in the 2000 movie (which I own) “Looking for an Echo”.  He was involved in Animal House, American Hot wax, Eddie and the Cruisers and he can still sing today.  I have included the Original of one of my favourite ballads and Kenny Vance’s version.  I have also included the theme from the movie “Looking for an Echo”.  Don’t get me wrong I love Jerry Butler and the Impression’s version, but Kenny can still sing.  Enjoy. – Gary

Click on these titles to listen:

Kenny Vance – For Your Precious Love

Kenny Vance – Looking For An Echo

Jerry Butler – For Your Precious Love


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