Paul Butterfield

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I really enjoy Muddy Waters, but my favourite Blues Band is the late Paul Butterfield.

Paul Butterfield

Some of the best sidemen in the industry played with Paul: Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop, Sammy Lay and the list goes on.

Mojo was sung by the drummer “Sammy Lay” who shot himself and ended up playing with people like Muddy Waters and James Cotton.

Paul was the best harmonica (“harp”) player I had heard in a long time.  He died I think in 1987, but I have most of his vinyl.  The best album was the first one simply titled “The Paul Butterfield Blues Band”  with Elvin, Sammy and Paul on the cover.

I will try and find the original “Walkin’ Blues” from the original album, I like it the best and I will include “New Walkin’ Blues“, great too.

Listen to the harp playing on the very rare “Wild Cow Man“.  I became a fan around 1965, and when I was in Chicago in 66, I tried to see him.  The local Sales Rep told me that he played in South Chicago and if I wanted to see him I should take the National Guard with me, rough area, so I never did get to see him.

Check out these tunes:

Butterfiled - Mystery Train

Butterfield - Born In Chicago 

Butterfield - Got My Mojo Working 
Butterfield - Shake Your Money Maker 
Butterfield - Wild Cow Moan 
– Gary

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