Wanda Jackson!

Gary: “I will continue with my direction of looking at the older singers and musicians. Tonight, I will look at the Queen of Rockabilly.

She came out of Oklahoma around 1956 and blew the walls out. She hung out with Elvis, Gene Vincent and many others. She had a voice that no other female could match, so I give you…

Wanda Jackson


Now if you have never heard Wanda, this lady can really rock! Here she is on the famous TV show, ‘Town Hall Party’ in 1958 / Hard Headed Woman


Mean Mean Man 1958 Ranch Party /


Fujiyama Mama 1981 Paris /


Let’s Have A Party / Sometime in the 1980s.

Shakin’ All Over / David Letterman maybe 2006 /
Thunder on the Mountain / with Jack White 2010?/

Some of Her Hits:

She will be 74 in October 2011, but she is still touring.

Here are a couple of other Songs that I enjoy!

Wanda Jackson (born Wanda Jean Jackson, on October 20, 1937, in Maud, Oklahoma) is the first female rock and roll singer in the United States, releasing her debut record in 1956. She is often hailed as the “Queen Of Rockabilly.”

Jackson was still in high school when country singer Hank Thompson heard her sing on an Oklahoma City radio show and asked her to record with his band in 1954.

She dated Elvis Presley, who encouraged her to step away from the Country-tinged Gospel she had been performing since childhood and try her hand at Rock and Roll.

She developed her own distinctive voice and performed in a variety of styles, from folksy traditional tunes to Country twang and high yodels to throaty, suggestive ballads.

She was a prolific singer of songs with wry lyrics such as “Fujiyama Mama,” which contained many references to the World War II bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; ironically, it became a #1 hit in Japan. Her biggest hit was 1959’s “Let’s Have a Party.”

Wanda Jackson achieved great and continuing success throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia, but has never found the same level of fame in her native United States. She toured with rock and roll pioneers such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly.

She has been nominated for two Grammy’s, and has been awarded the Oklahoma Native Daughter Award. She has been inducted into the Oklahoma Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, the International Hall of Fame, the International Gospel Music Hall of Fame, the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, and the German Country Music Hall of Fame, but remains conspicuously absent from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A born-again Christian, Jackson and her husband/manager Wendell Goodman abandoned rock and roll in 1971 and spent the next 25 years performing Gospel in churches.

Then in 1996, Jackson was invited by Alt-Country singer Rosie Flores to duet with her on an upcoming album. The two were so pleased with the results that Jackson joined Flores on a handful of promotional club dates which were soon extended into a five-week North American tour.

Jackson, pleasantly surprised to discover that she and her songs were known by a generation of Rockabilly fans her grandchildren’s age, soon assembled her own band and returned to clubs and festivals, where she continues to perform.

The Official music video for Wanda Jackson’s “Thunder On The Mountain,” directed by “thirtytwo” from PulseFilms. /

In recent years Jackson has recorded with such artists as The Cramps, Lee Rocker, Dave Alvin, and Elvis Costello. 2006 saw the release of a new Jackson album, I Remember Elvis.



7 responses to “Wanda Jackson!

  1. Wanda Jackson was the real deal. She had the whole package: beauty, style, and talent. Her mother sewed many of her stage dresses, including the rows of fringe that added even more fuel to her rockin’ delivery. She took to the stage wearing long hair, long earrings, and a short dress and electrified the audience, including Elvis. She forged the way for many of the girl singers and groups that followed her.
    She still keeps a daunting touring schedule, still looks beautiful, still takes the stage wearing lots of hair, long earrings, shakin’ fringe and still rocks a song.

  2. Phillip Kenneth McFarland

    Another Brilliant Jive Number. Best Version,Ever.

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  4. Jørgen Poulsen

    Wanda are one of The Greatest Rock’n’Roller ever and I meet her in
    Denmark in yeat 2003 and this was great for me.
    Keep Rockin’ Wanda

  5. Marilyn Stuart

    Wanda said it best when she said, “It’s an exciting time to be Wanda Jackson.” Kudos to Jack White for producing her new cd/vinyl album, “The Party Ain’t Over,” a fresh spin on her music. The latest recording features not only her signature, rockabilly style but also some unexpected cuts. There’s the Jamaican beat of “Rum and Coca-Cola,” a nod to her gospel music past, “Dust on the Bible,” and my personal favorite, the sultry, “Like a Baby.” It’s amazing that so much sound comes from such a petite person. Fifty years ago country music didn’t know what to make of her when she appeared on stage in high heels and a wow dress with fringe that would shimmy merely by tapping her toe. Now music critics don’t know what to make of her new recording with different genres. I say, “Rock on, Wanda!”

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