More Paul Butterfield

This post has been revised. Please see: Paul Butterfield
I will find my favourite version of this Paul Butterfield song, “New Walkin’ Blues” but I love this song.  This is the 2nd version of this song that Paul did; great, yet I liked the one from the first album even better.

If I cannot find it on the internet, I will put the name into my MDB Database (with 15,000 songs, not the music, just the song titles) and go and find it.

I have so much music, that I once spent about 3 winters, typing everything into a database.  Now if someone asks for a song title, group name or album, my database will tell me where it is.

I have had so many friends come over and say “Do you have Ruby Tuesday (example) by the Rolling Stones?”, –  I knew I had it, just did not know whether it was, vinyl, CD or Open Reel Tape, and just did not have a clue where to find it.

Then I found a simple package in Minnesota and I use it.  It is connected to Gracenote, but I make so many custom CDs (over 100) that they have to be put in manually.  So when the weather was cold and I was stuck in the house, I got at it.

Paul Butterfield - New Walkin' Blues

Now, here is the original Walkin’ Blues with Mike Bloomfield, Sammy Lay, Elvin Bishop and so on:

Paul Butterfield - Walkin' Blues



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