J.J. Cale

updated2Please see our revised post: J J Cale!
Absolutely one of my favourite singer songwriters.  His laid back, Tulsa, bluesy, country, jazz sound to me is unique.  He certainly helped Eric Clapton’s career.
I have his anthology, but I put only a few songs together to see if you enjoy them.  I spent a lot of years going back and forth to Tulsa, on business and that’s when I became a fan.  He would be around 71 now.
– Gary

Any Way the Wind Blows
Call Me The Breeze
After Midnight
Devil in Disguise

See Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._J._Cale



3 responses to “J.J. Cale

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  3. mon musicien préféré et de loin.
    un seul regret l’avoir découvert seulement au début des 80s
    Je recherche les 6 morceaux en entier de 1958 sous “Johnny Cale”
    (je possède des extraits)


    [Translation: “By far, my favorite musician. I only have one regret: it’s to have discovered him only at the beginning of the 80’s. I am looking for the full/complete 6 songs/pieces of 1958 under “Johny Cale (I have extracts)” –Eddie. ]

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