Little Richard – Gary

1956:  George Lorenz “The Hound” loved Little Richard and his back up group.  I first heard a semi-live performance from The Hound when Richard Peniman, “Little Richard” and the Upsetters blew the walls out.  Here are four songs (Long Tall Sally and Reddy Teddy are the best, for me) that just explode and the sax solo’s, for a layman, I think are great.   I liked the Upsetters as much as Richard.  So I had to look in the book for some of the information 4/56 Produced Long Tall Sally and Slippin’ and Slidin’ (I absolutely almost wore this one out) and 6/56 produced Rip it up (it’s alright) and Reddy Teddy (which back then blew the walls out).  Richard once said that after Pat Boone covered Tutti Frutti so successfully (yes we all remember the cover records by the big companies to rip off the black groups) he would sing the lyrics so fast that Pat couldn’t do it, and he couldn’t.  This takes you way back to being “17”, do you remember when?

One response to “Little Richard – Gary

  1. Hi Gary
    The sax players who dominated the rock scene of the 50’s were one of my main influences towards choosing the tenor sax as my “weapon of choice” back then. I might be wrong but think that a lot of those sessions were played by Lee Allan, who later did his own thing with “Walkin’ With Mr Lee”. I think he also played sax for Fats Domino.
    A lot of the riffs / phrases played in those solos were what I would call “jazzy”… not your simple honking tones, more embellished with little grace notes, etc. This all sounded great to me because I also happened to be listening to a lot of jazz back then.
    – Russ

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