Fats Domino – Gary

This post has been revised. Please go to:  Fats Domino.

I put together some real early music of a man I think you enjoy, Antoine “Fats” Domino, with co-writer Dave Bartholomew.  Now with these songs I can be precise, because I own the entire Imperial Records Set, plus notes on when and where there were recorded and when they where released.

First Recorded December 1949 and the record that brought him prominence “The Fat Man”
Fats Domino – The Fat Man
Recorded on the same session “Little Bee”
Fats Domino – Little Bee
Recorded on February 1953 “Swanee River Hop”
Fats Domino – Swanee River Hop
Recorded on March 1955 and the first Domino Record I purchased “All by Myself”
Fats Domino – All By Myself
Recorded on Sept 1955 “Poor Me”
Fats Domino – Poor Me
And of course the First record to cross over to the “White Peoples Hit Parade” Recorded Mar 55 and released April 55 “Ain’t it a Shame”
Fats Domino – Ain’t That A Shame
– Gary
PS:  Any Fat’s tunes you want, I got, let me know.


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