More Fats…


Dave Bartholomew, was a band leader of the house band at Lew Chudd’s Imperial Records.  He co-wrote a lot of the hits, with Fats.

The original Band that started the Domino Sound had Herbert Hardesty, Clarence Hall & Alvin “Red” Tyler on Tenor  Sax, Bartholomew on Trumpet, Ernest McLean Guitar and one of the most recorded drummers Earl Palmer.

Now I know that Lee Allen played in the Domino traveling band and he was on a lot of the hit recordings.  They all recorded at Cosimo Matassa’s Tiny Studio J & M.  He was part of that Cosimo Matassa Studio thing.

Now that would be really early, maybe 1950.  So to sum up, Bartholomew was the Band Leader and arranger, Allen & Hardesty played the famous tenor sax solo’s.

I will read more and see if I can find the time when they officially came together.  I know for example that Allen was the sax man on “I’m in Love Again” the flip side of “My Blue Heaven“.

OK, Russ’s request: recorded April 18, 1953 and released June of 53  “Please don’t leave me“.

Fats Domino – Please Dont Leave Me

– Gary



One response to “More Fats…

  1. One of the most melodic and creative sax solos I’ve ever heard in Rock n Roll is in Fats Domino’s “All By Myself”. I always assumed this solo was done by Lee Allan, but now I have come to realize that Herbert Hardesty may have done it, according to what I read at his web site.

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