Some Great Old Hits (Lo-Fi, sorry)

Here are some of the old tunes that used to help us make it through the night.

1. Big Joe Turner – Mornin Noon and Night

2. The Charms – Hearts Of Stone

3. Wynonie Harris – Shotgun Wedding

4. Little Joe & The Thrillers – Peanuts & Popcorn

5. Big Joe Turner – Sally Zu-Zaz

6. Louie Jordan – Aint That Just Like A Woman

7. Bo Diddley – Diddy Wah Diddy

8. Muddy Waters – 40 Days and 40 Nights

9. Midnighters – Work With Me Annie

10. Julia Lee – Wont You Come Over My House

11. Dave Bartholomew Orchestra – The Ice Man

12. Wynonie Harris – Good Morning Judge

13. Treniers – Poon-Tang (Great title!)

14. Platters – Voo-Vee-Ah-Bee

15. Hot Shot Love – Wolf Call Boogie

16. Baby Face Leroy – Rollin and Tumblin pt.2

17. Coasters – Baby Thats Rock and Roll

18. Coasters – Three Cool Cats

Which ones do you like the most? We’d be interested in your comments.

– Russ



8 responses to “Some Great Old Hits (Lo-Fi, sorry)

  1. Wow – where did you find some of those old great songs?
    Didn’t like them all personally but good stuff
    Haven’t checked out your website lately but keep it going
    Well done – Thanks

  2. Bev (Fielding) Spencer

    Hey Russ
    I just listened to “Hearts made of Stone” sure brought back some great memories.

  3. Great Stuff Russ, great listening. Keep Rocking.

    Bobby Bland doing ” Bobby Baby” and Big Joe Turner doing ” Flip Flop and Fly.

  4. I prefer the song Baby Face Leroy – Rollin and Tumblin
    for its unusual sound, its modernity and its influence on Muddy Waters and the music of 20th century

  5. Hi Eddie
    Rollin and Tumblin is definitely a great old hit… long before Billboard. It has almost a hypnotic, repeating riff. – Definitely a Classic !

  6. “Work with me Annie” sure brought back memories of the Willowdale restaurant back in the 50’s. What a wonderful era that was, we were all filled with hopes , expectations, testosterone and cokes flavored with rye whiskey. Great Stuff Russ.

    • Definitely lots of testosterone, but my coke was straight. I didn’t start getting into the hard stuff until I got involved with Al Hepburn and the Houndogs. LOL A song I used think was “naughty” back then was “Don’t Drop It” by Wilburt Harrison.

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