Instrumental One-Hit Wonders – Gary

The Frogmen: I do not know anything about this 61 hit.
The Frogmen – Underwater
Les Cooper: I think was an arranger in New York, his only hit was Wiggle Wobble
Les Cooper – Wiggle Wobble
The Duals : They lived on the same street in LA and sold the song to Sue Records
The Duals – Stick Shift
The Wailers: They came from Tacoma Washington and met at a Jam Session
The Wailers – Tall Cool One
The Safaris: Two groups had this name, the first was a doo-wop group that recorded one of my favourites “Image of a Girl”. The instrumental group was a surf band out of LA that recorded “Surfer Joe” and moderate hit, then someone turned it over and “Wipe Out” was born.  Although a one hit wonder, it is still requested today.  My daughter Shannon, loves this song and she was born in 74, Wipe Out was recorded in 63, go figure.
The Safaris – Wipe Out

Rock-a-Teens: A 6 man New York based group:  This song is used in commercials today, but I cannot remember which ones, maybe you can.
Rock-a-Teens – Woo Hoo

5 responses to “Instrumental One-Hit Wonders – Gary

  1. Les Cooper (he’s the same ?)
    Born: March 15, 1921 in Norfolk, VA
    1st recorded with The Empires for Harlem Records in 1954
    1st solo release with The Soul Rockers on Everlast Records in 1961


  2. I think it was The Safaris not The Safarais

  3. Well, Eddie. You are definitely more than a pretty face! You are correct, and I will fix the typo. Here’s a video:

  4. Wipeout – Surfaris

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