The Instrumentals! – Gary

Gary: I am planning to send you some, of what I think, are great instrumentals from the Past.  These are all groups and songs that I enjoy, so much that I am transferring 55 of them onto my Mygig in the Aspen. 

Now all of this does not come out of my head, it’s pretty empty.  I know the facts, but I check some of them before I send them to the Wikipedia Guy.  Some of this music you may not have heard for a very long time and maybe not at all.

First Group and one of my favourites:
From Toledo Ohio, Sax Player (this sax sound I really like) Johnny Paris
The Group: “Johnny & the Hurricanes
They were popular for about 2 years 1959 & 60, but because I love instrumentals, this group I still like.  Most of them now would be around 68 years of age, but Johnny died in 2006.
Now this music is not downloaded, I own both the vinyl and the CD for this band.  These are a few of my favourites…
Johnny & The Hurricanes – Red River Rock
Johnny & The Hurricanes – Buckeye
Johnny & The Hurricanes – Beatnick Fly

– Gary

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