The Lee Allen sax sound

As a teen, and an aspiring young saxophonist, my first influences in playing were from digging the sax player for Fats Domino, the sax player for Little Richard, the sax player for Pat Boone, the sax player for Clarence “Frogman” Henry, etc.  I think  Lee Allen did sax solos with most of these artists, at one time or other.

In 1957 Lee Allen also had his own LP…


Here are a few other tracks you may enjoy…

1. Lee Allen with vocals by Bobby Charles (1958):
Take It Easy Greasy

2. Lee Allen with Paul Gayten (1957):
Driving Home Parts 1 and 2

3. Lionel Prevost and Clifton Chenier “Bayou Drive” that was recorded by Chess in Chicago in 1957 (Sax Gordon puts him right there with Lee Allen for that early rock n’ roll, R&B sound)
Bayou Drive

I received the above tracks from Neil Sharpe, a saxophonist and writer for Sax On The Web.  Here’s one of his significant pieces of work, a teaching resource called…

Blues, R&B, Rock n’ Roll Saxophone

Thanks so much, Neil!!

– Russ



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