Forgotten Singer, Larry Williams – Gary

Please see revised post: Larry Williams
Back in the late Fifties, Art Rupe at Specialty Records signed Lloyd Price’s chauffeur, Larry Williams, just as Little Richard was leaving to search for the Gospel AGAIN.  Larry Williams had a very chequered past that would follow him all his life, and may have caused his death in 1980.  He wrote songs that are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as being very influential.  As was the practice in the late fifties his career at the top only last a couple of years.  Russ you will enjoy the Horns.
– Gary
PS:  His songs have been recorded by all the biggies including The Beatles.
Larry Williams – Boney Moronie
Larry Williams – Short Fat Fannie
Larry Williams – Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Larry Williams – You Bug Me Baby
Larry Williams – Slow Down
Larry Williams – High School Dance

4 responses to “Forgotten Singer, Larry Williams – Gary

  1. How come Larry williams who has recorded & written some of Rock n’Rolls’ greatest hits, many of which have been recorded by a bunch of other artists,, including the Beatles, isn’t in the R & R hall of Fame . There are many 1 or 2 hit wonders like Gene Vincent in there.
    Larry put on one of the Greatest R & R Shows I ever witnessed in March 1958 at the Brooklyn Paramount(Alan Freed). He sang at least a dozen songs. Jerry Lee Lewis was the headliner. Larry almost stole the show. He was travelling with Little Richard’s band (Richard had quit R& R just a few months before)

    • Hi Jim
      Larry was a great writer. Why isn’t he in the R & R Hall of Fame? The only thing I can suggest is that maybe his reputation was a bit tainted. Back in those days, and even today, there’s a lot of politics going on with these various Halls of recognition, as you probably know.
      – Russ

      • john matthews

        Bony Moronie, Short Fat Fanny and Slow Down are rock and roll classics. Williams will always be remembered for those tracks. If he is being ignored because of his tainted lifestyle, then the persons who dedicate the R and R Hall of fame, should look at them selves, and ask why others with tainted backrounds have been recognised, and Williams ignored.

      • Exactly my point, John. Thanks for that.

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