Eddie Cochran

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The Late, the Great…

Eddie Cochran

Edward Ray Cochran
(October 3, 1938 – April 17, 1960)

His weapon of choice

According to Billboard Eddie only charted 3 songs in the top 40, but his influence and music would stay with us forever.

I will include the billboard hits and songs that I think are important, looking back through the eyes of a teenager.

1.   Sittin’ in the Balcony/ Liberty 55056/ 3/30/57/ # 18 Billboard

2.   Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie/1958

3.   Summertime Blues/ Liberty 55144/ 8/25/58/ # 8 Billboard

4.   C’mon Everybody/ Liberty 55166/ / 1/5/59/ # 35 Billboard

5.   Somethin’ Else/ 1959/

6.   Twenty Flight Rock/ recorded in 1956 for the Movie “The Girl Can’t Help It”

A Rock and Roll and Rockabilly artist who did get some fame, but not what he should have, was the great Eddie Cochran.

Eddie would be 72 had he lived, but he was killed in England in a car crash.  Also in the car were Sharon Sheeley and Gene Vincent.  Eddie went through the windshield and died the next day.  (Read what happened to his great Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins guitar.)

Eddie was the first one to use an unwound third string so as to bend the notes a whole tone.  He also wrote his own songs, did overdubbing and had an innovative technique of aligning the bass and guitar to the same harmonic frequency.

I think that Eddie and Sharon where unofficially engaged at the time (Sharon wrote “Poor Little Fool” for Rick Nelson).

I really loved Eddie Cochran and enjoyed that “Summertime Blues“, a great commercial success although not his best.

I think that when Eddie was killed the hard edge of Rock and Roll was gone; the Fabian’s and Frankie Avalon’s, Bobby Vee and those clean pop music idols where now in the forefront.

The hard edge started, I believe, with the loss of Buddy Holly; Elvis was in the army, Chuck was probably in jail, who knows.

Jerry Lee had screwed up his career big time and that first dangerous invasion of Rock and Roll was gone.  The record companies were successful in sanitizing the entire industry, with a few exceptions.

I never saw Eddie, but have CD’s, LP’s and most of his music.
He was truly a “Hard” Rocker.  There is some live video on You Tube…

Here are a couple of Eddie Cochrane specials:

1. Three Star Tribute to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens & Big Bopper

2. Three Steps To Heaven



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