Shindig – Gary

This post has been UPDATED
Jimmy O’neill, if you remember that name you know where I am going.  Stay with us Freddy, it’s not your fault that you where born to late to experience maybe the best live music show ever created “Shindig”.  Unfortunately it lasted less than two years, but the greatest stars of the time appeared live and they just thrust the music at you.  It lasted from Sept/64 to Jan/66, but the people that where on that show, Wow!  Now in that time period the recording was pretty good and then there was the “House Band”.  Originally called the Shindiggers and then Shindogs, included a very young Glenn Campbell (helluva guitar player when not stoned) Joey Cooper, drums Chuck Blackwell, Billy Preston, a clean shaven Leon Russell, in my opinion the best guitar player ever James Burton, the late great Delaney Bramlett and Larry Knechtel (maybe the greatest studio player of all time). Vocalists: The Blossoms (with Darlene Love) and performances by Jackie DeShannon, Bobby Sherman and Donna Loren.  The show was created by Jimmy O’Neill and his wife Sharon Sheeley (yes she wrote “Poor Little Fool” for Rick Nelson, was engaged to Eddie Chochran and was in the car with Gene Vincent when Eddie was killed).  What I loved was the regulars, The Righteous Brothers, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, I think who ever was alive at that time appeared on that show including The Beatles.  I dug up this video just for Freddy and Paul the pianists, this is Jerry Lee when he was Jerry Lee, 1964 and just as arrogant and exciting as always.  Watch the video to the last and see the real Jerry Lee play “Long Tall Sally The Shindig Dancers included a very young Terry Garr, Toney Basil (who would record Mickey in the 80’s and I do not know how they danced all night, the energy was fantastic  Look at the list of people that appeared!  Yes, Freddy we all wore those tight suits and that hair was real, we all looked that way in 64.  Let’s see if my memory serves me well Paul and the boys where doing pretty good and he and his bass player bought matching 64 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible’s one black top and one white, correct.  This has to be the last Shindig video, .

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