Bobby “Blue” Bland


One of my favourite blues singers of all time is Bobby “Blue” Bland.  He has such a soulful sound in his voice and I love it when he accents certain words in his song with such grit.

Bobby Bland – Stormy Monday Blues

Bobby Bland – Turn On Your Love Light

Note (Jan 1,2011):
This post has been revamped by Gary.   See: Bobby Blue Bland.

– Russ



2 responses to “Bobby “Blue” Bland

  1. I have a Bobby Bland LP called ” Ain’t nothing you can do ” that I brought back in 1965 or so.
    Most if not all of it is live recordings. Any idea when it was recorded?

    • Hi Don “Ain’t nothing you can do” was popular in 1964 but I do not know when it was recorded. It reached #20 on the Pop Charts according to Wikipedia. The Beatles were making a much bigger impact on the music scene at that time. I have an album called “Here’s The Man” by the “Dynamic” Bobby Bland. One of the songs he did was “You’re The One” – later covered by David Clayton Thomas. “Stormy Monday Blues” is also on that album. – Russ —– Original Message —–

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