Rhythm Orchids


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Gary: “I am sitting here tonight doing some work … have a headache and my mind wanders (yeah, like it doesn’t wander all of the time 😉 and I thought about an Oral Composition I had to do for Grade 10. I do not think that they do them anymore but it was great practice to learn to speak in front of the class. Well they said any subject, so I did my Composition on “The Rhythm Orchids” and won an award. I still remember a lot of it.
Jimmy Bowen, Buddy Knox and the Rhythm Orchids

Jimmy Bowen, Buddy Knox and the Rhythm Orchids

The Rhythm Orchids consisted of
  • Don Lanier (guitar)
  • Dave Alldred (drums)
  • Buddy Knox (Rhythm guitar)
  • Jimmy Bowen (Bass).

Buddy Knox passed away 10 years ago but I think the rest are still alive.  They recorded in Clovis New Mexico at Norman Petty’s Studio, so they new and interchanged with Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

Jimmy Bowen became a very successful Producer (worked with Sinatra etc) and Recording Executive.  They wrote their own music (mainly Buddy Knox) but if I remember correctly out of that early recording session late 56, I think, Party Doll (went to #1) and I’m Sticking with you which Jimmy sang and co-wrote (went to #14).

I bought and still have the original two albums of both Jimmy and Buddy.  Buddy did better singing, but Jimmy made his mark in production.

My first trip as an independent teenager took me to New York City in 1957 and I went to the Ed Sullivan Show and Buddy was on it!



Party Doll – Buddy Knox

I’m Stickin’  With You – Jimmy Bowen

Hula Love – Buddy Knox


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