Guitar Boogie Shuffle – Gary

Oct 21, 2009 @ 15:54

Russ Comment: Actually, I think it was the Ventures – they also did Walk Don’t Run, etc.

Gary’s reply:
No, it was the Virtues, one-hit wonders…
The Ventures where the guys who played the Mosrite Guitars.

Russ’s reply:
You are absolutely correct!  I was wrong.  It seems there are a lot of other people out in cyberspace who are also confused, if you research YouTube.  Now you have me on another interesting point… what was/is a Mosrite guitar?
– Russ

Gary’s reply:
Gary Copeland

One response to “Guitar Boogie Shuffle – Gary

  1. “Guitar Boogie” was first written and recorded by Arthur Smith in 1948, and it was a big hit for him on the country charts.

    The band called “The Virtues” was a trio at first with Frank Virtue on bass. He was the band leader, hence the name. He actually formed the trio in about 1946, but it was not until 1958 that he recorded “Guitar Boogie Shuffle”.

    The band recorded it in a private home, but Frank Virtue actually played the lead guitar part on a Gibson L5 archtop guitar. He also used a tape echo unit to get that slap back effect and later added a shuffle drum part. After finally finding a record company, the single “Guitar Boogie Shuffle” / “Guitar In Orbit” was released in 1959. It reached number 3 on the Billboard Charts. The sheet music for Guitar Boogie Shuffle reached number 1 for sheet music sales at that time also.

    By now the group was no longer a trio and had expanded to a five piece. They toured extensively and released many other instrumentals, but none came even close to the success of Guitar Boogie Shuffle. In mid 1962, Frank Virtue disbanded the group and went full time into the recording studio.

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