Cliff Richard

Please see revised Post: Cliff Richard and The Shadows

In the early days of Rock and Roll (long before the Beatles), England gave us Skiffle music with such artists as Lonnie Donegan and Harry Roger Webb.  Now the name we would know Harry as was “Cliff Richard“.

I was never a big fan of his more current music, but in the late 50’s when he was together with “The Shadows” (which includes the great Hank Marvin), man they could really rock!


Here is a video from July 30, 1960, when Hank Marvin and the guys where called “the Drifters”.  They later changed their name to “The Shadows” and Hank B Marvin became one of the best known and best guitar players in the World (with his Stratocaster) – (Move On) Down The Line & Please Don’t Tease

Move it” was a B side, but it was the first song I can remember.

Move It – Cliff Richard and the Shadows

One of the things that made “Move It” such a raunchy and soul rocking song, in my opinion, was Hank B Marvin’s marvelous guitar work.

Hank B Marvin

Hank’s guitar and amp gear…

Hank’s gear

The next photo is Hank with his Burns guitar, which he also used, but everytime I have seen him it was with the Strat.

Hank with his Burns guitar


I do have some of Cliff Richard’s old recordings, but after all of these years they got back together this year, made an album called Reunited and, guess what, they can still “Rock”.  I hope you enjoy…

Move It – Cliff Richard and the Shadows (Reunited)

Singing The Blues – Cliff Richard and the Shadows (Reunited)

Bachelor BoyCliff Richard and the Shadows (Reunited)

Sea Cruise Cliff Richard and the Shadows (Reunited)

Summer HolidayCliff Richard and the Shadows (Reunited)

The Young OnesCliff Richard and the Shadows (Reunited)

Cmon Everybody – Cliff Richard and the Shadows (Reunited)

I really like the Eddie Cochran Song, “C’mon Everybody”, but I loved it by Eddie.

– Gary



6 responses to “Cliff Richard

  1. My favourite record by Cliff Richard & The Shadows is Don’t Talk To Him. Love the lead guitar on that one…

  2. Sorry, the link was wrong…

  3. I grew up in England in the ’50s and ’60s, also coming from India like Cliff Richard. His first hit single “Move it” was actually the ‘B’ side to “Schoolboy crush”. But it was decided that ‘Move it ‘ would be released. It is now recognized as the first English ‘Rock and Roll’ record. Cliff is the only artist that had a hit in every decade since the 1950’s, selling more records than Elvis or the Beatles.

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