Rick Nelson – Gary

I guess one of my all time favourite singers of the 50’s was the third biggest seller, Eric Hilliard “Ricky” Nelson.  He would be the same age as me almost to the day.  He would be a few weeks older.  I own the last known Concert video, August /85 Universal Amphitheater with Fats Domino.  He was killed 4 months later.  Now the concert was longer than what was put on DVD, but it does not appear as if they will release the rest of it.  Believe it or not I have sent an email to Matthew & Gunnar, his sons.  I thought Tracey Nelson had control, but, alas, I find out that it is David and I do not know how to contact him.  I digress, I have included one of the last songs recorded by him at this concert with the Stone Canyon Band.  Yes, the Great Bobby Neal (guitar) and the rest of the band where also killed.  The crash had “Nothing” to do with freebasing, but it was a defective heater that was not fixed properly.  Freddy:  Now you know why I always want you to do Rick Nelson Songs.  The Late Sharon Sheely, (Eddie Cochran’s girl friend and in the car when Eddie was killed) wrote “Poor Little Fool“.  Now Rick hung around with James Burton and Jimmy and Dorsey Burnett, who also wrote for him, “It’s Late“, “Waitin’ in School” (John Forgerty’s favourite) Believe what you say and so on.  Now Johnny Burnett and the great Paul Burlinson, had the Johnny Burnette Trio and they could blow the walls out.  Johnny died in 64, Boating accident.  His small boat was hit by a cabin cruiser in California.  Boy, I get off track easy, must be the age thing.  I have read his book and own all of his recordings.  Yes, he threw away his future.  Ozzie set it up so that he would never need money, but Rick screwed that up, so I just concentrate on his music.  He had the best writers, the best guitar player (my opinion James Burton) a very successful TV show.  Trivia, He and Elvis are the only ones never to appear on American Bandstand.  This is for you Paul, Rick took up Golf, shot par at the Bel Air Country Club and gave it up and that gives you a little idea of why he screwed up his life.  Paul McCartney said that the TV show was not in England, they just loved the music.

Rick Nelson – That’s Alright Mama
– Gary
PS:  The background singers are the Jordinaire’s, Elvis’s back up.  Just listen to Bobby Neal make that Gibson sing, he also plays a Fender Stratocaster.  “That’s Alright Mama” is on the DVD at Universal Amphitheatre.

5 responses to “Rick Nelson – Gary

  1. Thanks for posting “That’s Alright Mama” by Rick Nelson. I’d love to see you post additional music by him. He was indeed the golden boy with great songs, great musicians, and a truly enjoyable tv show. His life seemed to spin out of control in his later years, largely due to an unhappy marriage and a horrible divorce so don’t judge him too harshly unless, you’ve walked that path. What a shame that just when it looked like he’d found some happiness again and his career had taken an upswing, that he was lost in a tragic air crash. Judging by the number of views of his videos on u tube, he still has a legion of fans who remember him and love to see him perform and I’m betting a whole lot of younger fans are discovering him there too.

  2. Hi Marilyn
    If you go to this post:
    you’ll be pleased to find a whole trove of Rick Nelson songs.
    – Russ

  3. Recently found your blog and have really enjoyed it. Keep on writing about the music. Just saw an Adam Lambert concert this week and was thinking about how concerts have changed. I like how the big screens give so much better visual of the artists and also how the dancers are featured. Being a fan of Rick Nelson since my early teen years, I wondered what one of his concerts would have been like today.

  4. This site is super cool. Gary seems to know a helluva lot about some of these strange cats we’ve all listened to over the years.
    I was just wonderin’ if maybe Gary would try to figure out the difference between “where” and “were”.
    I apologize man, but when you live in a place like Lindsay, ON and all you hear is stuff like “yooz” instead of “you”, it sort of gets to you when somebody REAL COOL like Gary keeps saying “where” instead of “were.”

    • Dear Mr. Bo
      Your comment about Gary’s “where” instead of “were” had me in stitches. LOL !!!!!!!!!
      I have to take some of the blame for this because I have been correcting that little anomaly all over the place – but must have missed a few, eh? Yooz dun good, noticing that one, Bo!

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