Rockabilly! – Gary

Rockabilly, what I consider to be the first Rock n’ Roll that I experienced.  Billy Lee Riley of Sun Records once said that what we now call Rockabilly “was just called Rock n’ Roll”.  When I think of Rockabilly, which I do enjoy, not all the time, but I love Eddie Cochran, Rick Nelson, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly and many more.  Then there were all the artists that never quite made it, Mac Curtis, Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Burgess and there is a huge list.
Well I found another group on another continent.  If you think back, Rockabilly should come naturally to the UK, because Skiffle was really big in the late 50’s.

Here is a group that I believe started in 1971. T hey got their first big break in the mid 70’s fronting for Carl Perkins and Bo Diddley.


So here are some tunes from “Matchbox” sometimes referred to as Graham Fenton’s Matchbox, but mainly Matchbox. I really love their rendition of Freddy Cannon’s Buzz Buzz A Diddle It.

Matchbox – Buzz Buzz A Diddle It
Matchbox – Love’s Made A Fool Of You
Matchbox – C’mon Let’s Go
Matchbox – Midnite Dynamos(1980)
Matchbox – Over The Rainbow
Matchbox – Rockabilly Rebel
– Gary

2 responses to “Rockabilly! – Gary

  1. Hi,

    Matchbox are a London band and none of them are from Wales! They are still doing the business.

  2. Thanks, Adrian, for the correction on this… much appreciated!

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