Sounds like Sax

I received this very informative message today from Adrian:

“I am very interested to learn that you are a r’n’r sax player.  I am a great fan of the instrument and have a couple of saxes that I have never learned to play to my satisfaction!  It stems from hearing the Fats Domino and Little Richard sax sections, and then the fabulous sounds of Johnny Paris in “Crossfire”.

When Gene came to the UK for the first time in 1959 he always tried to have a sax in his bands.  The BEST band he ever had (anywhere, in my opinion) was Sounds Incorporated.  They had tenor and baritone, and the piano man doubled on baritone from time to time when necessary.  The effect was stunning.  Check out Sounds Inc on You Tube.  Although you wont see them with Gene, there are some nice later clips – try “Sounds Like Locomotion” and play it loud!.  Great memories.  I am in contact with Al Holmes of Sounds Inc – he is the guy on the end of the line playing a Conn Baritone.  They were absolutely sensational, believe me.”
Baritone sax is featured in these tracks:
Sounds Incorporated – Sounds Like Locomotion
Sounds Incorporated – Sounds Like Movin’
I continue to be amazed at all the great music that has been going on, and I am just now becoming aware of it.  I read that John Lennon used to enjoy this band.
– Russ
December 21/09 received this follow-up from Adrian:
“Great stuff, eh? They were a fantastic band. Alan is teaching music in London, Tony Newman (drummer) plays with everyone and was last with The Ev’s; John the guitarist is a main man in the Australian music publishing world; Dave (The Major) plays sax with a band called The Jivebombers (in Sydney, Australia); Dick (Bass) has pretty much retired tho still plays with Alan’s various bands, and Barrie (organ/bari sax) was MD for Anglia TV but is now pretty much retired (I think).  Can you imagine three saxes behind Gene Vincent???  They were the best.”

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