Early (Unknown?) Canadian Rock & Roll

In the early years of Rock and Roll, the focus was mainly on Memphis and cover records.  Well there were quite a few big Canadian artists, The Four Lads (Toronto) The Crew Cuts (Toronto) The Diamonds (Toronto) Jack Scott (Windsor) and so on, you get the idea.

A few lessor-known Canadian records where also actually charted, but I do not think many people will remember:


Indiana Wants Me


1.  R. Dean Taylor, from Toronto, long before Indiana wanted him.

R.Dean Taylor At The High School Dance

  [Editor note: It sounds like Jack Posluns on drums]

2.  The Blue Tones also Toronto,  released on King in the US.

Blue Tones – Shake Shake Shake

3.  Buddy Burke & The Canadian Meteors.  He only recorded once, from Toronto, had that Elvis sound, was big locally only.

Buddy Burke – That Big Old Moon

Now the longest running Chart Music in the “World” was the Chum Chart which charted the top 50 songs from 1957 to 1986, it was the bible and in Toronto it RULED; it could make you or break you.

I hope you enjoy; remember, these recordings are all over 50 years old, so do not expect great things. Recording was different then.


6 responses to “Early (Unknown?) Canadian Rock & Roll

  1. R.Dean Taylor – At The High School Dance:

    Wow. If you listen to the melody, doesn’t it remind you of another song??

    “And The Angels Sing” was recorded many years ago by Benny Goodman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjKATWK2cHU

    Listen to the similarity between that melody and “At The High School Dance”. In both these songs, the melody goes a full 8 bars of being identical. Hmmm.

  2. Hi guys; Don Doyle (Nobleton, ON) played guitar on that record. He used to give lessons to an aspiring Dom Tioano in 1959.

  3. Dom sure caught on quick, eh? From aspiring in 1959 to inspiring just two years later.

  4. Anyone know, is Jack Posluns still around?

    • Sheila – you just asked a question that has been going through my mind for ages. I would love to get in touch with Jack. He was always so much fun. I have known him since we were both teenagers. He grew up in Forrest Hill and living close by was R.Dean Taylor, who he played with quite a few times. That was back in the late 50s. Jack went on to play with Shawne & Jay Jackson and the Majestics when I was in that group. Jack was a full time musician and after the Majestics he went on to work with Little Dianne and The Starlights and a few other contemporary groups before acquiring a steady gig with a very established Latin house band at the Inn On The Park for quite a few years. We started to lose touch with each other in the early 80’s. My cousin rented a house from Jack in Don Mills. Jack used to invite me over to his place to listen to some amazing recordings. He was an uber audiophile. I really would like to connect with him again.
      – Russ

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