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Lonnie Donegan:

It was around 1956 or 57 when I had my introduction to Skiffle Music from the United Kingdom’s late Lonnie Donegan.

Born Anthony James Donegan, in 1931, in Glasgow Scotland.  He moved to London 2 years later.  His music is a combination of Rock and Roll, Folk, Jazz and some swing.  He really got his musical training from the Great Chris Barber (Petite Fleur # 3) and his Jazz Band.  Now the first song that I remember was the “Rock Island Line” and I was hooked.  His albums where hard to get in Canada, but I finally found one and still have it to this day.

Unfortunately Lonnie died on tour in November 2002 of Cardiac arrest, he was 71.  He had had heart problems since the Seventies.  It is unfortunate because he was scheduled to do the George Harrison Concert with the Rolling Stones.

I have about 35 of his songs,  If anyone has any further information for our Blog concerning Lonnie we welcome it.

I have always loved Folk Music and I think that’s why I enjoy Lonnie so much.  I will include only the music, plus my favourite (Puttin’ on the Style), of the music that defined him in Canada.

– Gary




Puttin’ on the Style / 1957 /
His last known video 2002, he passed months later /

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