Swing! – Benny Goodman

When I was just a young lad, I mean 7 or 8, the music influence in our house was my dad.  I do believe that’s where I get my rhythm from.

Dad was always listening to up-tempo Jazz bands, like Pee Wee Hunt’s 12th Street Rag or Spike Jones and his City Slickers.  He even took me to see Spike Jones when I was maybe 9.

My Dad played a little guitar, loved Honky Tonk Piano and Dixieland Jazz.  Now that’s where I get my enjoyment of Dixieland and other forms of music circa 30’s & 40’s. I think that’s why I enjoyed Les Paul and Mary Ford so much; anything up-tempo.

I found a little Gem from 1936 and I am sending it too you. Man, those Cat’s could really play!  When I listen to Gene Krupa I can see him behind the drums.  He was a show by himself; then he did have a small drug problem.

The first time I heard Benny Goodman’s Boogie Woogie, I liked it, and I would have been about 5. I must say that I enjoyed the smaller groups, rather than the big bands.  Don’t get me wrong – I liked the Big Bands and still do.

Benny Goodman (with Teddy Wilson, Gene Krupa) – Tiger Rag

Benny Goodman with Gene Krupa – Sing Sing Sing

Benny Goodman – I’ve Got Rhythm

– Gary



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