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Here are the next Three songs with Chum Chart dates and positions.  Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It reached #23 and stayed on the charts for 7 weeks May/61.  Transistor Sister reached #8 and stayed on the charts for 7 weeks Sept/61.  Teen Queen of the Week reached # 12 stayed on the charts for 9 weeks Feb/62.

Freddue Cannon – Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It

Freddie Cannon – Transister Sister

Freddie Cannon – Teen Queen of The Week

Now for the more interesting songs…  Yes, Palisades Park was written by Chuck Barris, who would become host of the Gong Show.  It was his most successful song, reaching #2 and staying on the charts for 15 weeks, July/62.

Freddie Cannon – Palisades Park

Now my favourite.  I was a Bandstand groupie, I learned to dance watching the kids on Bandstand (and my favourite, and in my opinion, the best dancer, Pat Molitteri:, who died way to soon, in her 30’s).  Freddy wrote Patty Baby just about her and it reached #8 for 10 weeks July/63.

Freddie Cannon – Patty Baby

Then in 1964 he changed companies and produced two more hits, Abigail Beecher, # 11 for 8 weeks Feb/64.

Freddie Cannon – Abigail Beecher

Then when Dick moved Bandstand to California, Freddie had Action, #5 for 11 weeks Sept/65.  This was from the TV production, “Where The Action Is”.

Freddie Cannon -Where The Action Is

There were lots more songs, but the saddest is about Patty Baby…

She died in the mid seventies, hanging clothes on a line in Philly, in the mid seventies, born in 1943.

– Gary



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