Frederick Anthony Picariello Jr.


See revised post: Freddie Cannon

What singer would reach # 2 on the hit parade with a song written by the Gong Show’s host, Chuck Barris?  Now this singer I actually saw in person, in later years in Toronto.

Now I purchased most, if not all of Frederick Anthony Picariello Jr. or as Dick Clark suggested “Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon.  He is the same age as you Russ, maybe not as good looking, but not bad.  He came from Revere Mass., his father drove a truck and played trumpet.  His influences where mainly Rhythm & Blues artist’s, Big Joe Turner, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and so on.  In 1956 he played lead guitar on the G-Clefs #24 hit Ka-Ding-Dong.  He started his own group called “Freddy Karmon and the Hurricanes” and became very popular in the Boston Area.  OK, it’s amazing that Tallahassee Lassie ever got made.  Here is how it went.  Freddie prepared a new song  called “Rock and Roll Baby“, he took it too Jack McDermott, a DJ, who in turn took it too the production team of Bob Crewe and Frank Slay.  They re-wrote the lyrics and arrangement and offered to produce a recording for two thirds of the composing credits.  Now the Song is called “Tallahassee Lassie” with session guitarist Kenny Paulson.  It was shopped and rejected by several companies until it came to the attention of Dick Clark who owned a part of Swan Records in Philadelphia (Payola).  Now Clark suggested they re-edit, emphasize the bass drum and add the “Whoo” that he became famous for.  After all that in 1959 it peaked at # 6 on Billboard, the first of 22 songs he would place on the charts.

Freddie Cannon – Tallahassee Lassie

Freddie Cannon – Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

Freddie Cannon – Jump Over



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