Motown 1961, Hittsville, USA – Gary

Some significant artists and songs for this year of Motown…

The Marvelettes

Gladys Horton – Lead
Katerine Anderson
Georgeanna Tillman/died/1980
Juanita Cowart
Wanda Young
Hometown: Detroit Michigan

In 1961, when the girls were at Inkster High in Detroit, Berry Gordy Jr, the president of Motown, saw them perform at a talent show. He was so impressed that he signed them to his Tamla Label. In September 1961, their first National Hit, “Please Mr. Postman“, became #1, their only record to reach the top spot.

Please Mr. Postman: The Marvelettes Pop #1 R&B #1

Georgeanna later died of lupus disease and sickle cell anemia.

Eddie Holland


Early Motown artist Eddie Holland would become 1/3 of the great writing team Holland/Dozier/Holland (H-D-H)

After graduating from high school Eddie found a job in Detroit at a music publishing house. It was while working there that he had the chance to do a demo record for Berry Gordy Jr. This resulted in a contract and his first hit “Jamie” in 62.

Jamie: Eddie Holland Pop #30 R&B #1

In the mid-sixties with his brother, Brian, and good friend Lamont Dozier, these three became Motown’s most successful songwriting trio.



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