Motown 1970, Hittsville, USA – Gary

Some significant artists and songs for this year of Motown…

The Spinners

A soul group of the early ’70s, creating a body of work that defined the lush, seductive sound of Philly soul. In the UK they were known as “The Detroit Spinners” to avoid confusion with British band The Spinners.

The band’s roots lay in Detroit, where they formed as a Doo Wop group during the late ’50s. Throughout the ’60s, the Spinners tried to land a hit by adapting to the shifting fashions of R&B and pop.

By the mid-’60s, they had signed with Motown Records, but the label never gave the group much consideration. “It’s a Shame” became a hit in 1970, but the label continued to ignore the group, and dropped the band two years later.

It’s a Shame: The Spinners/Release/6/11/70 Pop # 14 R&B # 4

Unsigned and featuring new lead singer Phillipe Wynne, the Spinners seemed destined to never break into the big leagues, but they managed to sign with Atlantic Records, where they began working with producer Thom Bell. With his assistance, the Spinners developed a distinctive sound, one that relied on Wynne’s falsetto and the group’s intricate vocal harmonies. Bell provided the group with an appropriately detailed production, creating a detailed web of horns, strings, backing vocals, and lightly funky rhythms.

Rare Earth

Rare Earth

Gil Bridges, Sax, Flute, Lead Vocals
Ray Monette, Leae Guitar, Vocals
Mike Bruner, Keyboard
Randy Burghdoff, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Floyd Stokes, Drums, Lead Vocals

Get Ready: Rare Earth/Release/2/18/70 Pop # 4 R&B # 20

VIDEO: The Temptations – Get Ready

Other Great Hits of 1970…

I Can’t Get Next To You: The Temptations/Release/7/30/69 Pop # 1 R&B # 1

The Tears Of A Clown: Smokey Robinson & the Miracles/Release/9/24/70 Pop # 1 R&B # 1

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours: Stevie Wonder/Release/6/3/70 Pop # 3 R&B # 1

Ball of Confusion(that’s what the world is today): The Temptations/Release/5/7/70 Pop # 3 R&B # 2

Still Water (Love): Four Tops/Release/8/6/70 Pop # 11 R&B # 4

Up the ladder to the Roof: The Supremes/Release/2/16/70 Pop # 10 R&B # 5

Stoned Love: The Supremes/Release/10/15/70 Pop # 7 R&B # 1

Ain’t no mountain High Enough: Diana Ross/Release/7/16/70 Pop # 1 R&B # 1

If I were your Woman: Gladys Knight & the Pips/Release/10/29/70 Pop # 9 R&B # 1

War: Edwin Starr/release/6/9/70 Pop # 1 R&B # 3

The Bells: The Originals/Release/1/9/70 Pop # 12 R&B # 4


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