The Lost 60’s Recordings

The Lost ’60s Recordings is an album of rare music released in the early 1960’s by a couple of groups, “The Trophies” and “The Fleas”; this compilation features tracks by some very talented individual band members.What’s interesting is that those band members were none other than Rick Nelson, Glen Campbell, Jerry Fuller and Dave Burgess!

Compilation album by Rick Nelson, Glen Campbell,Jerry Fuller and Dave Burgess (Audio tracks below)
Released May, 2003
Genre Pop
Label Varese Sarabande
Producer Dave Burgess, Joe Johnson, Jerry Capehart

These 18 songs represent an interesting set of material that may have tried to become popular back in the day. Most of the tunes will be obscure, except for a previously unleashed Jerry Fuller version of his song, “A Wonder Like You“, which Rick Nelson ultimately made a hit.

Fuller’s 1961 single “First Love Never Dies” has Campbell on lead guitar (The Walker Brothers went on to do a much better cover in 1965).

Also included is Campbell’s 1961 single “Turn Around Look at Me“, which later became a bigger hit for a group called “The Vogues” in the late ’60s.

You may hear on cuts in which Nelson sings, his presence is barely noticeable.  He had to keep it that way as he was under contract to the Imperial label.

I got a kick out of their treatment of “Peg O’ My Heart“, which was made popular years ago by The Harmonicats.


Track Title (& Audio Player)
Composers Performers
1. Desire (2:29)
Lon Dobro Combo, Jerry Fuller The Trophies
2. Doggone It (2:12)
Dave Burgess The Trophies
3. Everlovin’ (2:06)
Dave Burgess Glen Campbell, Dave Burgess, Rick Nelson, Jerry Fuller, Dave Burgess & The Chimes
4. A Wonder Like You (2:13)
Jerry Fuller Jerry Fuller
5. Tears (2:22)
Deodato, Dave Burgess The Fleas
6. Shy Away (2:06)
Dave Burgess Jerry Fuller
7. First Love Never Dies (2:24)
Bob Morris, Jim Seals Jerry Fuller, Glen Campbell
8. I’m Available (2:21)
Dave Burgess Dave Burgess
9. I Laughed So Hard I Cried (2:45)
Dave Burgess The Trophies
10. Guilty of Loving You (2:14)
Jerry Fuller Jerry Fuller
11. Scratchin’ (2:40)
Dave Burgess, Jerry Fuller The Fleas
12. Betty My Angel (2:21)
Jerry Fuller Jerry Fuller
13. Peg O’ My Heart (2:09)
Fred Fisher, Alfred Bryan The Trophies
14. The Place Where I Cry (3:17)
Dave Burgess, Jerry Fuller Jerry Fuller
15. Charlene (2:47)
Jerry Fuller Jerry Fuller
16. Felicia (2:12)
Dave Burgess The Trophies
17. That’s All I Want from You (2:27)
Fritz Rotter The Trophies
18. Turn Around, Look at Me (2:34)
Jerry Capehart Glen Campbell


(This is like a Who’s Who!)

Steve Massie (Producer), Jerry Fuller (Guitar), Jimmie Haskell (Arranger), Bill Pitzonka (Design), Bill Fuller (Vocals), Joe Johnson (Producer), The Champs (Background Vocals), Glen Campbell (Vocals), Bill Dahl (Liner Notes), Dave Burgess (Vocals), Cary E. Mansfield (Producer), Rick Nelson (Vocals), Seals & Crofts (Background Vocals), Bill Pitzonka (Art Direction), Dave Burgess (Producer), Ernie Freeman Combo (Arranger), Jerry Fuller (Vocals), The Trophies (Performer), Rick Nelson (Guitar), Jerry Capehart (Producer), The Fleas (Performer), Glen Campbell (Guitar), Dave Burgess (Rhythm Guitar)


  • The Trophies/The Fleas:
Rick Nelson – lead vocals
Dave Burgess – vocals, rhythm guitar
Glen Campbell – lead guitar
Jerry Fuller – vocals, guitar
  • Backing vocals – Jimmy Seal and Dash Crofts


  • Producers – Dave Burgess, Joe Johnson, Jerry Capehart *
  • Mastered by Steve Massie/Steve Massie Productions
  • Arranged by Ernie Freeman
  • Collection produced by Cary E. Mansfield, Steve Massie
  • Liner notes by Bill Dahl
  • Art direction/design by Bill Pitzonka
  • Photos courtsey of Tony Barrett, Dave Burgess, Jerry Fuller, Michael Ochs Archives

(* Jerry wrote a lot of songs with Eddie Cochran)


Album – Billboard (United States)
The Lost ’60s Recordings did not chart.


5 responses to “The Lost 60’s Recordings

  1. A great addition to the pop archives! The period of 1960-1963 (faux rock & roll) isn’t my favorite but these tunes are at least as good as the stuff I heard then. Fuller’s got a nice voice. And I always kinda liked Ricky Nelson, especially later in his career.

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  4. Russell Anderson

    Looking for album to buy. Saw cd for sale. Serious collector.

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