SUN Records: Ray Sharpe

Ray Sharpe:

Ray Sharpe

Black Rockabilly?

Two songs from 1958/59:

Linda Lu and Red Sails in the Sunset


Two songs from 1994 – 2000:

Boat Dock and Mama Talk To Your Daughter


Ray Sharpe (born 8 February 1938, Fort Worth, Texas) is an American R&B and rockabilly singer, guitarist and songwriter.

He grew up influenced by country as well as blues music, and many of his recordings are classed as Rockabilly – he was described by one producer as “the greatest white-sounding black dude ever”.

His recording career started in Phoenix in 1958, when Lee Hazlewood produced his single “That’s the Way I Feel / Oh, My Baby’s Gone“. His second record, “Linda Lu / Monkey’s Uncle” – both sides written by Sharpe, produced by Hazlewood, and featuring Duane Eddy and Al Casey on guitars – was much more successful, reaching # 46 on the Billboard charts in 1959. “Linda Lu” has subsequently been recorded by many artists including the Rolling Stones, Flying Burrito Brothers, and Tom Jones.

Now I remember Linda Lu and of course I purchased a copy in ’58, as it was produced by Lee Hazlewood  and featured both Duane Eddy and  Al Casey, two of the great guitar players of our time.

I was in Fat Harold’s Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina, in 2008.  It is the Shag Capital of the World and they still play the great music all of the time; no rap played here.  Well I heard a song called Boat Dock, that I just loved, went over and asked the DJ who the artist was and he replied Ray Sharpe.  Well, my immediate question was, “You mean the 1958 Linda Lu Ray Sharpe?” and the answer was yes.  So I did some searching and found some music that really does impress me and Ray Sharpe is still Rockin’ and doing his “Black Rockabilly”.


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