One Hit Wonders – The Fire Flies

The Fireflies

The Fire Flies

You Were Mine (Ribbon label #6901 Sept.28,1959 / # 21 on Billboard

This Doo Wop group formed in Philadelphia in 1957, and underwent several lineup changes over the course of their existence.

The group was produced by Gerry Granahan.

Their debut for Roulette Records was the single “The Crawl”, but the group’s second single, the Ribbon Records release “You Were Mine”, was their biggest hit. It peaked at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1959.

The original members involved in the song “You Were Mine” in 1959 were Paul Giacalone, Richie Adams, Lee Reynolds, John Viscelli, Carl Girosli.

Background singers also included Jerry Granahan and the Perone Sisters.

Later singles included “I Can’t Say Goodbye”, “Marianne”, and “My Girl” (all 1960); “I Can’t Say Goodbye” was the only charter, peaking at #90 in the U.S.

You Were Mine” and “I Can’t Say Goodbye” were both written by Paul Giacalone.

In 1962 the group reappeared on Taurus Records with “You Were Mine for Awhile” and “Blacksmith Blues” on Hamilton Records; three other singles followed on Taurus, but the group never returned to the charts. The group lasted as long as 1967 before disbanding for good.

The Fireflies’ most prominent member, Ritchie Adams, went on to release some solo singles and had a highly successful songwriting career.

Gerry Granahan had a solo hit the same year The Fireflies had their only Top 40 hit.


2 responses to “One Hit Wonders – The Fire Flies

  1. Robert Albanese

    How can I get in touch with the Perone Sisters from The Fireflies song ‘You Were Mine’ ? Would love a picture of them. They were the best back up group ever.

  2. 3-10-17. Heard on the radio 92.1 Vineland NJ today Richie Adams passed away. Excellent song writer
    Tossin & Turnin Bobby Lewis. After The Loving Engelbert Humperdinck.

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