One Hit Wonder – The Cascades

This is a song that I have always enjoyed.  The recording used the Wrecking Crew, which included Glenn Campbell on guitar.

The Cascades

The Cascades

Rhythm of the Rain/Valiant 6026/1/26/62/# 3 on  Billboard

In 1960, the “Silver Strands” were a group of United States Navy personnel serving on the USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) based in San Diego, California. They recruited John Gummoe, and left the Navy to become “The Thundernotes”.

At this point, the group’s membership consolidated to include John Gummoe (born John Claude Gummoe, August 2, 1938, Cleveland, Ohio), lead vocalist, Eddie Snyder (guitar), David Szabo (keyboardist), Dave Stevens (bassist), and Dave Wilson (drummer).

The group then started to get more interested in vocal harmony, influenced by the Beach Boys. They recorded demos which ended up with Phil Spector at Valiant Records, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, who signed them up and also changed their name to “The Cascades” – supposedly inspired by a nearby box of detergent.

Their first release, “There’s A Reason“, became a small regional hit, and, in summer 1962, they went to Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles and recorded a song which Gummoe had written in his Navy days while on watch during a thunderstorm.

The musicians on the recording included “The Wrecking Crew” – Hal Blaine on drums, Carol Kaye on bass and Glen Campbell on guitar – and it was arranged by Perry Botkin. “Rhythm of the Rain” was issued in November 1962. It rose to #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 1963, and became a major hit in over 80 countries.


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