One Hit Wonder – The Fiestas

Played Golf today with our friends from London, Ontario and Michigan.  The Girls played together and the guys played together, great day about 72, was shorts weather, but wet.  We had a lot of rain overnight.  Tomorrow is the Pizza Night, will you be here?  Yes Russ this is a one hit wonder.
– Gary

The Fiestas

So Fine/Old Town 1062/4/27/59/# 11 on Billboard

Tommy Bullock
Eddie Morris
Sam Ingalls
Preston Lane
George Bullock

The Fiestas were an American R&B group from Newark, New Jersey.

Formed in 1958, The Fiestas signed to Old Town Records in 1959 after the label’s owner, Hy Weiss, overheard the group singing in a bathroom adjacent to his office in Harlem. Their debut single was 1959’s “So Fine”; the tune was a hit in the U.S., hitting #3 on the Black Singles chart and #11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

A series of soul singles followed from the group, among them “Last Night I Dreamed”, “You Could Be My Girlfriend”, “Anna”, and “Think Smart”, but only 1962’s “Broken Heart” managed to chart, hitting #18 on the Black Singles chart.

Leaving Old Town, the group later recorded for Strand and Vigor, releasing music into the mid-1970s.


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