Something A Little Different – Sleepy LaBeef!

Well in the last little while I have been keeping the Boss happy by staying around some of his favourite Blues Men. Well, I am going to go so far in the other direction, Russ may have me do a blood sample and Urine test.

Many, many years ago I discovered a journeyman Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Blues and Country sort of a guy. He has never made it big, but is an American Gem, to be discovered when he’s gone; they always do it that way.

From what I have read, this guy gives long performance’s, is great to his fans and very popular in Europe. Europians seem to appreciate what we used to have, and have discarded for the “Music” we listen to today – and I use the word Music lightly.

No, I have never seen this guy. He is still performing and will be 75 this July. I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do.

Sleepy LaBeef

Sleepy LaBeef (born Thomas Paulsley LaBeff, July 20, 1935, Smackover, Arkansas)

I am aware that Sleepy never cracked the proverbial Top 40, nor did he ever appear on American Bandstand; that’s just not Sleepy. He has banged around in Honky Tonks and clubs for 5 decades and is still going. But to the people who appreciate good music, he has not gone unnoticed. Here are some recent comments I found. With his distinctive Baritone voice, he still keeps Rockin’.

Mr. LaBeef is a living, breathing guitar-picking history of American music.”
– The New York Times

“Sleepy’s voice is a volcano. He can be the saddest singer alive and the most boisterous often within the same minute.”
– Piscataway Review

“A remarkable trepository if the hillbilly, boogie and blues styles that form the roots of rock & roll.”
– Daily Variety

“A high-octane feast of good country music.”
– Billboard

“Sleepy LaBeef is a survivor. For close to three decades he has toured honky tonks, saloons and roadhouses dishing out genuine rockabilly and boogie music. He possesses one of the most distinctive and compelling baritone voices ever to be heard in rock. The music that he plays is not predicted on the nostalgia of the current rockabilly revival. Sleepy does not imitate tradition. Sleepy is that tradition.”
– Detroit Metro Times

“…LaBeef is the genuine article. Without him, the new regime of rockabilly would have less to emulate. Some music cooks, LaBeef roasts.”
– Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“…eclectic and encyclopedia sets…fluid guitar and subterranean rockabilly baritone…a set with LaBeef is an American musical education that shows he remains an original and a contender.”
– Chicago Tribune

“…fine performances by Sleepy LaBeef…the stuff constitutes a national treasure.”
– New York Times

Known for his distinctive low voice, Sleepy LaBeef has been laying down a seemingly endless variety of roots music since 1953, when he moved to Texas from his home state of Arkansas. Here he began to gain notoriety by playing scores of bars, family shows, and spots on both radio and television.

He has released records in six different decades and has had chart success as far back as the sixties and as recently as the year 2000. Sleepy LaBeef has shared bills with practically every great in music history: Elvis Presley, George Jones, Roy Orbison, Wanda Jackson, Carl Perkins, has numbered in his band over five hundred people (including the likes of Doug Kershaw, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, D.J. Fontana, and Grady Martin), and has been an admitted influence to such a variety of people as Brian Setzer, Bruce Springsteen, and the Beatles.

He continues to tour all over the world in venues, honky-tonks, bars, charities, and other events (including private weddings).

I will give you some of the songs from my private collection and hope you enjoy them.

Rockabilly & Rock and Roll:

Flying Saucers Rock and Roll

Big Boss Man

Honey Hush

Too Much Monkey Business

Me and Bobby McGee

Rockabilly Blues:

Night Train To Memphis

Bright Light Big City

Mannish Boy

Bottle Up and Go

Just Plain Rock n Roll:

Long Tall Sally

Rip It up


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