Jack Scott

Another Canadian!  This man, born in Windsor Ontario, was a singer, songwriter and guitarist.  The records I remember the most, were the Carlton Records where he was backed up by the Chantones!

Giovanni Dominico Scafone Jr., January 24, 1936, Windsor,

Ontario  / Died December  12, 2019  / Detroit  Michigan

Jack Scott



Leroy / Jack Scott in the UK 2013 /
What in the World’s Come Over You / Lincoln Centre NYC  2009 /
The Way I walk / Lincoln Centre NYC 2009 /
What in the World’s Come Over You / Circa 1960 Dick Clark /
My True Love / Lincoln Centre NYC 2009 /

Most of the Carlton recordings are backed by “The Chantones” Also from Windsor, Ontario Canada

1A.   My True Love/ Carlton 462/ 7/7/58/ #3 Billboard

1B.   Leroy/ B side/ 6/16/58/ #11 Billboard

2A.   With your Love/ Carlton 483/ 10/20/58/ #28 Billboard

2B.   Geraldine/ B side/ #96 Billboard

3A.   Goodbye Baby/ Carlton 493/ 12/28/58/ #8 Billboard

3B.   Save my Soul/ B side/ #73 Billboard

4.   The way I Walk (my favourite)/ Carlton 514/ 8/3/59/ #35 Billboard

5.   What in the World’s come over You/ Top Rank 2028/ #5 Billboard

6A.   Burning Bridges/ Top Rank 2041/ 5/9/60/ #3 Billboard

6B.   Oh, Little One/ B side/ 5/30/60/ #34 Billboard

7.   It only happened Yesterday/ Top Rank 2055/ #38 Billboard

Jack Scott (Giovanni Sacfone Jr) was born January 24, 1936 in Windsor Ontario, Canada, and raised in Detroit, an Italian hillbilly who worshiped Hank Williams, and became a rock and roll star. His first album, entitled Jack Scott. One of the first album recorded in stereo, it contained a mixture of rockabilly and ballads of which 10 were Scott’s own compositions.

Recording for Carlton he came up with a rocking song about a friend in prison titled Leroy. The other side of the record was a sad ballad called My True Love. Both songs were a smash in the Summer of 1958, the first going to #11 and the other as far as #3 in Billboard’s and made the Top Ten in Britain.

He followed it with Geraldine backed by With Your Love, the latter of which was a minor hit, and in early 1959 he returned to the top ten with Goodbye Baby and had another success with The Way I Walk before leaving the Carlton label. (This Top Forty hit would later be revived by Robert Gordon  in 1978.)

Scott transferred to the new Top Rank label in 1959 and scored another huge success in the New Year with “What In The World’s Come Over You.”

This song gave Scott his second gold disc, reaching #5 in the USA and Number 6 in the UK.

Further successes followed:  Burning Bridge (Number 3), Cool Water/It Only Happened Yesterday, but Scott was by then being steered towards a mainstream country style . (lastfm)

Special story by Deke Dickerson

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4 responses to “Jack Scott

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  2. An excellent overview of Scott’s career and very informative.


    Gary and Russ:
    First off Happy Holiday to you and your readers.
    My female cousin turned me on to “MY TRUE LOVE” before I came a Teenage Dance Disc Jockey. Great talent and the CARLTON LABEL
    had other fine artists. Great story Canadains have something in there water to make great voices.




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