Bobby Day – One Hit Wonder?

Gary: “The term ‘One Hit Wonder’ is used when an Artist has a big song, with no follow up and, after the hit, the Artist usually disappears.  Was Robert James Byrd a One Hit Wonder?  Well I guess if you refer to Billboard, yes he was, but in my opinion he was far from it.”

Robert James Byrd moved from Fort Worth Texas to Los Angeles in 1947 when he was 15 years old.  He formed a group which at that time was called just The Flames and they used different combination’s of that name, until in 1957 under the name Hollywood Flames they would have a # 11 hit on Billboard.

Robert James Byrd
also recorded using the name “Bobby Day & the Satellites”

Not only did he co-write Buzz Buzz Buzzas part of Hollywood Flames, he also wrote and recorded “Little Bitty Pretty One“, but this song was outsold as a cover by Thurston Harris *.

He also wrote “Rockin’ Robin” and the flip side, “Over and Over“.

His songs where covered by many other artists, including the Dave Clark Five & Michael Jackson.

So, was he a “One Hit Wonder”? Well, you decide. I will give you all of the music he wrote and recorded…

Robert James Byrd,(July 1, 1928 – July 27, 1990)

Bobby Day


1. Little Bitty Pretty One/ Aladdin 3398/ 10/28/57/ # 6 Billboard (covered and outsold by Thurston Harris)

Thurston Harris *
2A.   Rockin’ Robin/ Class 229/ 8/4/58/ # 2 Billboard (Bobby Day & the Satellites)
3. Buzz-Buzz-Buzz/ Ebb 119/ 12/2/57/ # 11 Billboard (Hollywood Flames, using the name Robert Byrd)

I hope you have enjoyed this very small item on the music of our day. – Gary

* See also our more elaborate post for:  Thurston Harris


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