Bobby Freeman

Gary: “Again with the 1950s artists, and a pop/soul artist who apparently was a really good piano player…

Bobby Freeman

Bobby Freeman

June 14, 1940 to the present


Hollywood A-Go-Go/ Good Lovin’/
C’mon and Swim/

1.   Do you want to Dance/Josie 835/5/26/58/ # 5 Billboard

2.   Betty Lou Got a new pair of Shoes/ Josie 841/ 8/18/58/ # 37 Billboard

3.   (I do The) Shimmy Shimmy/ King 5373/ 9/29/60/ # 37 Billboard

4.   C’mon and Swim/ Autumn 2/ 7/25/64/ # 5 Billboard

At age fourteen, Bobby sang in a vocal group called The Romancers around the San Francisco area.  He subsequently formed another group called The Vocaleers.
In 1958, while Bobby was still in high school, Jubilee record executive Mortimer Palitz, on his honeymoon in San Francisco, heard Bobby sing at a club.  He was so taken by the talent of this young man that he signed him to a recording contract.

In April 1958, Bobby recorded a song he had written called “Do You Want To Dance“, they changed the name to “Do you wanna dance” and it became his biggest hit.  It was released on Josie, a subsidiary of Jubilee and he became a National Star.

His follow up “Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes” was also a hit for Bobby while he was still in High School.  In fact he was a singing sensation until graduation in 1959.
In 1964 he reached the charts again with “C’mon and Swim” produced by a then 20 year Old named Sylvester Stewart, who later we all knew as Sly Stone of, Sly and the Family Stone.  (Gary Copeland)

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