Linda Scott

I will take a brief look at cute music by a lady from Queens New York.  She recorded her famous Million Selling record while a Sophomore in High School.

Linda Joy Sampson, born June 1, 1945

Linda Scott

Billboard Top 40 listing all on Canadian American

1.  I’ve Told Every Little Star/ C/A 123/ 4/3/61/ #3

2A.  Don’t Bet Money Honey (my favourite)/CA127/ 7/24/61/ #9

2B.  Starlight Starbright/ B side/ #44

3.  I Don’t Know Why/ C/A 129/ 11/27/61/ #12

Not Top 40


1.  Count Every Star/ C/A 143/ 1962/ #41

2.  Yessiree/ Congress 101/ 1962/ #60

3. Never In A Million Years/ Congress 103/ 1962/ #56

4.  You Baby/ Kapp 713/ 1965/

5.  A Thousand Stars

Born in Queens, New York, Linda Scott was still in high school when she auditioned for Arthur Godfrey’s radio show on CBS in 1959. After having won a place on the show, Linda and other young performers became regular guests on the show. During the show’s run the young singer came to the attention of Epic records and Linda made her recording debut (singing as Linda Sampson) with the single ‘In-Between Teen’.

In 1961 she signed with the Canadian-American label, a label that had struck gold with the Santo & Johnny single ‘Sleep Walk’. Though still in high school, the label changed her performing name to “Linda Scott” producing and releasing the hit ‘I’ve Told Every Little Star’.

The song was originally written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern and was first used in the 1932 production of ‘Music In The Air’. That year Scott had a total of 3 top 20 hits. She also wrote some of her own music, unusual for the time, including ‘Three Guesses’ which was the B side of ‘I’ve Told Every Little Star’ The next year she recorded for both Canadian-American records and it’s sister label Congress records. She also appeared in ‘Don’t Knock The Twist’ starring Chubby Checker singing Yessiree’.

Though she released several more singles over the next 3 years they were less and less successful. Her last chart appearance was ‘Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed’ released in January 1964, the same month the Beatles made their first chart appearance.

In 1965 she became a cast member of the TV rock show ‘Where the Action is’ which she co-hosted with singer Steve Alaimo. Scott’s last recording, ‘They Don’t Know You’, was released in 1968 on RCA records and Scott quit show business soon after to pursue studies in theology. She was an army medical laboratory technician for two years and later received a degree in Theology from Kingsway Christian College and Theological Seminary in Des Moines.

The Complete Hits of Linda Scott was released by Bay area Eric records and “I’ve Told Every Little Star” was included in director David Lynch’s film Mulholland Dr…


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  1. How can I GET a mailing address for Linda Scott? I’d lie to get an autographed photo, as well.

  2. Please have Linda Scott contact me, via e-mail! Thank you!

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