LS&S: Bill Parsons – The All American Boy

For the “Lost Singers & Song” Department


Bobby Bare

(in 1958 Bill Parsons)

1.   The All American Boy/ Fraternity 835/ 12/28/58/ # 2 /Billboard (Song was issued under the name Bill Parsons, but it was really Bobby Bare)

Bobby Bare (born Robert Joseph Bare on April 7, 1935 in Ironton, Ohio) is an American country music singer and songwriter.

In the 1950’s after many failed attempts to sell his songs, he finally was signed up with Capitol Records and recorded a few rock and roll songs without much chart success.

Just before he was drafted into the Army, he wrote a song called ‘The All American Boy’ and did a demo for his friend, Bill Parsons, to learn and record it. Instead of using the version Bill Parsons did later, the record company, Fraternity Records, decided to use the original demo done by Bobby Bare.

The record reached #2 on the Billboard Top 100, but it was wrongly credited to Bill Parsons.



3 responses to “LS&S: Bill Parsons – The All American Boy

  1. Great site, guys ! I’ve just started. What I remember about ‘The All American Boy’ is that it has no back beat (maybe not even drums) but it’s a great tune. Russ when we gig again we should do it. I’ve been singing it since its beginnings. Cheers and Happy New Year………..Ron.

  2. Hi Ron
    I would look forward to doing that song with you. I can hear a sax line in there. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. I just found this website. Its great !!! Im sure I’ll spending a lot of time on it.

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