Skip & Flip


Skip & Flip

  • Skip Battin (born Clyde Battin, February 18, 1934, Gallipolis, Ohio, U.S. — died July 6, 2003, Salem, Oregon, U.S.)
  • Flip aka Gary S. Paxton (born Mesa, Arizona, U.S.)

1.   It was I/ Brent 7002/ 7/27/59/ #11 Billboard

2.   Cherry Pie/ Brent 7010/ 4/25/60/ #11 Billboard

3    Betty Jean/ Brent/ 1960/ did not chart but I like it.

This US pop duo, Skip Battin (Clyde Battin) and Flip aka Gary S. Paxton met while attending the University of Arizona in the late 50s. Once known as “The Rockabillies”, they recorded on Rev as “The Pledges” and then as “Gary & Clyde”.

Time Records picked up their Rev master, ‘Why Not Confess’/‘Johnny Risk’, and then moved them to its Brent label, with the more distinctive name “Skip & Flip”.

Their recording of Paxton’s song ‘It Was I’ entered the US Top 20 in 1959 and the follow-up, ‘Fancy Nancy’, also charted.

Their next release, a revival of Marvin And Johnny’s R&B hit ‘Cherry Pie’ made the Top 20 but proved to be their last chart entry together.

Flip Paxton went on to record under several names (including “The Hollywood Argyles”, who topped the charts in 1960 with the novelty number ‘Alley-Oop’) for many labels.

Paxton also had hits as a producer and label owner, including the two-time charter ‘Monster Mash’, by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett.

Paxton went into Country music in the 70s and is now a noted personality in the gospel music world.

Skip Battin recorded on Indigo, May, Groove, Audicon and Signpost and played in The Byrds, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, and the Flying Burrito Brothers.



2 responses to “Skip & Flip

  1. Hi Guys

    Perhaps for this forum (more than most) it is interesting to recall that Skip Battin also played for Gene Vincent in 1969.

    The occasion was the album to be called “I’m Back And I’m Proud” – an album that I was very heavily involved with. Skip – who had been hired by Kim Fowley on sessions for a variety of artistes, booked him for the sessions that were recorded at Elektra’s “farm” recording facility in the summer of 1969.

    The bass work on the album is of particular note and I know that Gene was very happy with all of the material featuring Skip Battin – although perhaps not so happy with some of the other musicians. The impasse that resulted went on to secure the services of the much lauded former Blue Cap, Johnny Meeks, who provided some less freaky guitar sounds!.

    I was sorry to learn that Skip died in 2003.

  2. Wow, I remember Skip. He was in an LA band, Evergreen Blueshoes, who tried to lure me away from my band, the Morning, in 1968 to replace Evergreen’s drummer at the time. Skip was a great guy. A couple years later he was starting up a jazz-rock trio and approached me again but the timing wasn’t right. Then a couple of years later he joined the Byrds which at least gave me an opportunity to jam with Roger McGuinn! I loved Skip and am sorry I lost touch with him when I moved back East in the mid-70s and never saw him again.

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