The Tune Weavers

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

The Tune Weavers

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
September 1957 # 5 Billboard

This R&B vocal ensemble came from Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, and comprised lead Margo Sylvia (born 4 April 1936, D 25th October 1991), her husband and bass Johnny Sylvia (b. 8 September 1935), her brother and tenor Gilbert J. Lopez (b. 4 July 1934), and her cousin and obligato Charlotte Davis (b.12 November 1936).

The group got together in 1956 and within six months were recording for one-time big bandleader Frank Paul. He put out on his Casa Grande label a song Margo and Gilbert had written way back in 1952, and the result was a slice of classic rock ‘n’ roll balladry, “Happy, Happy Birthday Baby“.

With Chicago-based Chess Records picking up the record, it went to #4 R&B and #5 Pop in 1957. Paul had a real find in Margo Sylvia, whose warm seductive voice was utterly beguiling, and he put it to good use on a number of follow-ups.

Sadly, he was unable to get The Tuneweavers to chart again and the group broke up in 1961.



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