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Johnnie & Joe – Over The Mountain

Gary: This has to be, for my generation, one of the best songs for slow dancing (or what Russ calls “Grinding” songs), ever recorded.

Johnnie and Joe

Over the Mountain, Across the Sea / Chess 1654 / April 1957 / #8 Billboard

  • Johnnie Richardson:  June 29, 1945, died from complications of a stroke 1988.
  • Joe Rivers:  March 20, 1937.

In the Spring of 1957, while living in the Bronx, Joe heard a song that his neighbour Rex Farvin had written and liked the song very much.  Joe took Rex over to Zell Sanders’ house to rehearse the song.  Zell liked the song but felt that someone should sing background on it.  Zell had her daughter Johnnie rehearse the song with Joe and they finally recorded it.  “Over the Mountain, Across the Sea“, became a National Hit.  The duo went their separate ways in the sixties.