Jimmy McCracklin

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Gary: Dances – Who would have thought, that an old Blues Man, born in 1921, would write and record one of the more fun dances of 1958 on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand?  I loved the dance, I loved the song (because it was simple) and had a great dance beat.  So let’s look at…

Jimmy McCracklin
(born August 13, 1921, St. Louis, Missouri)

The Walk
Checker 885 / March 1958 / #7 Billboard

The Blues-singing piano player got his start performing in the Bay area of San Francisco during the fifties, but he did also record in the forties.

In early 1958, Jimmy recorded a song he wrote called “The Walk” which was released on Checker records.  The dance the song described was appropriated by the dance-crazed contingent on “American Bandstand” and within a few weeks the song became a National Hit.



2 responses to “Jimmy McCracklin

  1. Check out Jimmy’s duet with Irma Thomas “Tomorrow” on Rounder Records.

    • Hi Phil
      I went to Rounder Records site but, alas, could not locate the duet with Irma Thomas and Jimmy. Probably looking in the wrong place. The site focus was on the 40th Anniversary concert. I’d like to hear it, so can you give me a link?
      – Russ

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