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No Group! – Alley Oop

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Gary: How would you like to have a #1 Hit record and no group?  Well in 1960, it happened.

The Hollywood Argyles

Alley-Oop / Lute 5905 / June 1960 /#1 Billboard

The Hollywood Argyles were a doo wop band put together by producer/songwriter Kim Fowley, then still a student at University High School in West Los Angeles. They had one hit record, “Alley Oop”, in 1960, then faded into obscurity.

According to Gary Paxton – who, at the time, was half of Skip and Flip (“It Was I”, “Cherry Pie”) – Alley Oop was written by Dallas Frazier as a Country tune:

“As for the name, Kim Fowley and I were living in a $15-a-week room in Hollywood… Since I was still under contract (to Brent Records) as ‘Flip,’ I couldn’t put my name on ‘Alley Oop.’ Seeing that the studio was on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. And Argyle Street, I decided on Hollywood Argyles.”

“Other than myself, there were no actual Hollywood Argyles. Everyone else on the track was either a friend or a studio musician who I paid $25 apiece for the session. When ‘Alley Oop’ suddenly took off and people wanted to book us for concerts, there was no such group.”

The “Alley Oop” session was produced by Kim Fowley; the already famous Sandy Nelson was the drummer.

According to Jerry Osborne, two other groups (Dante and the Evergreens (Madison 130) and the Dyna-Sores (Rendezvous 120)) had a version of “Alley Oop” on the charts at the same time.

Frazier, who recorded “Alley Oop” in 1957, is perhaps best known for the song “There Goes My Everything,” a hit song for Englebert Humperdinck in 1967.

Paxton later formed Garpax Records and became a gospel artist.