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Last Song on Radio Caroline!

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Gary: Well Russell, you have had time to think about this, what was the last song played on Radio Caroline November 5, 1990?

The singer was born in London in 1956, is one of the UK’s most multi talented singer, songwriter, actress and so on.  It just so happens that even though you do not think I know anything about the Eighties, this is one of my Favourite songs of that period.

Give up?

Charlie Dore

Pilot of The Airwaves
/ Island 49166 / Mar 1980 / #13 Billboard

‘Pilot of the Airwaves‘ was the final track played by Radio Caroline * on 5 November 1990 as an unlicensed offshore radio station. *

In November 1991 hurricane force storms caused the ship to break anchor and drift onto the Goodwin Sands, a notorious “ships’ graveyard” in the English Channel. The crew were rescued by RAF helicopter. The Ross Revenge was later salvaged and brought into harbour in Dover.

Charlie Dore is most famous in the United States for her 1980 single, “Pilot of the Airwaves,” but is also known in Europe for her 1995 album, Things Change.

She was a drama student in Newcastle, and appeared on the TV show Rainbow briefly, but then dabbled in music. She formed a country band called Prairie Oyster, which attracted interest from Island Records, but the band imploded before terms could be finalized and she was signed as a solo act.

Her first album, Where To Now, recorded both in Nashville, Tennessee and in London, was released in 1979. “Pilot of the Airwaves,” the first single taken from it, hit #13 on the U.S. charts, and scraped up to #66 in her native UK. The follow-up single, “Fear of Flying”, did not take off and her performing career stalled after her follow-up album, Listen, failed to attract interest.

She then returned to acting, starring with Tim Curry and Jonathan Pryce in 1984’s The Ploughman’s Lunch, and appeared in other TV shows, include South of the Border and Hard Cases.

However, her songwriting career also took off, as she penned hits for Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow and other best-selling artists. She returned to performing music with Things Change, and in 2004, she released Sleep All Day and Other Stories.
Dore’s most recent release, Cuckoo Hill, appeared on the Black Ink Music record label, and was released in July 2006.

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