Marty Robbins

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  1. Love Big Boss Man, the Groove is Cookin!!

  2. Sylvia Allan (nee McGrath)

    Thank you so much for all the informative info, I do appresiate it.
    Marty Robbins Has always been my #1 singer, I admired him and his ability so much we named our middle son after him.. Marty sent Ke and I the most beautiful wedding albumn and card on the ocassion of our wedding. and sent a signed photograph for our little marty. when he found out we named our 2nd son after him.
    Our 3rd and last son Greg was killed in a car accident Christmas 2001, age 20, I like to think they got together, greg loved cracking jokes and I kind of think they would get on really well with each other. I have over 40 0f Marty’s Lp records, some tapes and Cds and a afew DVDs. I have met Marty on 3 occasions during hi tours in australia travelling 350-500 kilometers each time. I have a photo of Marty with a younger brother Pete, Sydney. And a photo of Marty nursing Ken and my first born Kenny.
    When Marty died I lost not only my favourite singer of all time, I also lost a good friend. I know he was to famous to be a real kin friend, and I never bothered him very often but he always remembered me. He once sent his Drifter record to me, it was such a wonderful surprise.

    • Hi Sylvia
      My partner (in crime ;-) Gary Copeland deserves most of the thanks for the information about Marty that you are enjoying. I will definitely make him aware of your very heartfelt message of appreciation. It is great to hear from people such as yourself about having had personal experiences with some of the celebs we go on about, and such feedback makes all our work worthwhile. We are doing all this just for the fun of it, as you may have gathered. That is a very impressive collection of recordings you have for Marty. I used to collect Pat Boone but not to the extent that you have gone with Marty. I bet even Marty was impressed. Getting to meet him and have him relate to you must have been truly wonderful, and naming your son after him is the highest tribute. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your son, Greg. Losing a child is always an indelible thing to endure… I speak from experience. It’s always tragic, no matter the circumstances. But I’m sure you realize how blessed you are to have experienced the joy of raising your family. Thanks for the meaningful comment!

  3. Sylvia Allan (nee McGrath)

    Thanks. I have a lot more records now I made the effort to buy some on the net that were not released in Australia. I am not sure how many I own now, I think it would be around 60 or more. I have enough Records, tapes, videos, CDs, DVDs, T shirts, Memorabilia & Photos, Magazines featuring Marty on the cover. Plus the Action brand model of Marty Robbins #42 Nascar racing car scale 1:24 stock car limited edition Adult collectible (Only 6,000 made I feel very proud to own it.) to start a gallery or small museum of The Late Great Marty Robbins. Which I am considering. I hope you and your partner Gary have the BEST NEW YEAR EVER. Sylvia Allan.

  4. All the very best for 2011 to you too, Sylvia… from Russ & Gary

  5. He is the most beautiful singer in my heart and eyes, yes I was a child, back then, My dad was the most beautilul singer and yes, he was the most beautiful to them too! Yes I have been a country singer since 7yr.s old 1958 and guitar player, taught by my daddy! Yes and chanches to be on the road to travel, by ALICE AND Bently Hedges, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma and yes, what I now afool of me allowing my little ones hold me back And yes, they show no love for me!!!! Performed my life singing, and the Oklahoma Opry same year as Reba Mcintyre, performed the show with her and several others Ernest Tubbs, Loretta Lynn, My favoite always singer!!!Lots of love Donna Bahr

    • Donna: If you remember, there were actually two recordings of “Singing the Blues” on the hit parade at the same time. It is that song that turned me on to Marty Robbins. The other version was done by Guy Mitchell and they both did well. I was never a huge Country Fan, but I did like Marty. Thanks for reading what I write and prepare. If nobody reads the blog then it’s just an old man wasting his time, so thank you for that. Pass our blog along to your friends.

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