The Mark IV

Gary: Do you remember this group?  I doubt it. I may be one of the few people who knew this group, who has the music and who cares.

I like only the first song. Although it did not do as well as the 2nd one.  The 2nd song did much better, but I am not a Polka guy.

I remember the first song because I ran the dances and when you danced to this one, you danced The Bop.  It was close to Danny & the Jr’s “At the Hop”, but not nearly as successful.

  The Shake was very popular in Toronto at the Dances.

1.   (Make with) The Shake/ Cosmic 704/ March 1958/ # 69 Billboard # 6 Chum Chart

2.   I got a wife/ Mercury 71403/ February 1959/ # 24 Billboard # 7 Chum Chart

“The Shake” was modeled around “At the Hop“.  This happened in 1958, Erwin “Dutch” Wenslaff  and Eddie Mascarl, two former sheet music salesmen, started writing together in Chicago and said that being older they would try and find something that would fit in the vein of pop versions, rather than hard rock and roll.

They went into a small studio and produced “(Make with) The Shake” with a white lounge act out of Chicago called The Mark IV.  Wenslaff played Boogie piano and Mascarl banged on the drums.  The record picked  up local airplay and briefly entered the top 100.

A year later, with the same quartet, they reached the top 30 with a Novelty Song called “I Got a Wife“.


5 responses to “The Mark IV

  1. Sounds like something John Wing would sing.

  2. Prior to recording “(Make With) The Shake”, The Mark IV, along with the Dick Marx Orchestra, recorded the single “Goose Bumps” (b/w “Booblee Ah Bah Doo Baa”).

    The success of “I Got A Wife” led to two more Mercury singles.

    To the best of my knowledge, here’s the groups complete discography:

    “Goose Bumps” b/w “Booblee Ah Bah Doo Baa” (Cosmic 702; 1957; USA)

    “(Make With) The Shake” b/w “45 R.P.M”
    (Cosmic 704; 1958; USA)
    (REO 8217; 1958; Canada)

    “I Got A Wife” b/w “Ah-Ooo-Gah”
    (Mercury 71403; 1958; USA)

    “Move Over Rover” b/w “Dante’s Inferno
    (Mercury 71445; 1959; USA)

    “Mairzy Doats” b/w “Ring Ring Ring Those Bells”
    (Mercury 71481; 1959; USA)

    • Paul, thanks so much for this wealth of information. Would that last one be “Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey”? That was a big hit, as I recall 😉

  3. Yes, same song, though they’re not the band that made it famous.

  4. Yeah, the hit version I remember was by the Merry Macs:

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